Dogs in the training program are still placed with foster families. Foster parents come in with the dogs to the office in the morning between 6.30 – 8 a. m. Dogs in public wear typical green vest labeled „Guide dog school“, a fabric collar with „I´ll be a guide dog“ & a metal locket with the school phone numbers.
Thanks to many years of our training center in Brno, it can be said, that guide dogs are perceived positively by the public and therefore which has learnt how to behave during encounters with guide dogs.

A daily program starts after a brief staff meeting. The length of training & environment difficulty depends on the training level of each dog. Those who staying in the office for afternoon training are in the meantime trained to behave in open spaces, to remain calm and to relax. They participate in daily office life – people coming in for different purposes, meetings take place, presentations of our work & the guide dogs world. They become accustomed to both a hectic and calm office situation. Dogs are trained under GDMI supervisor.

Dogs are usually trained for about 7 – 8 months. At the end of training dogs are tested on the knowledge they are supposed to understand and perform. This also included any specific wishes or needs of the client. Dogs at the end of training are tested also by blind trainer.

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