It´s known that czech blind people with guide dogs are pretty active. Every Spring the „outdoor season“ is opened by a guide dog competition called „A journey through the darkness“. It´s a one day show for pleasure, meeting friends & publishing existing guide dog work. Blind participants with their guide dogs go through identical routes, one by one. A judge walks with them and evaluates and scores precision of the team. The highest score brings victory for the contest.

There is three times per year activity focused on a week practice in a camp where people have the chance not only to practice but also to make new friends and have fun with other people.

And also there is an invitation to clients to meet the puppy-walkers and foster families of their guide dogs. We spend the weekend together, sitting around a campfire & barbecuing.

This allows everybody not only make memories but also to thank the puppy-walkers and foster families. It makes them proud of all the work they have done since the guide dog was a little puppy.